The University now accepts and fulfills public records requests through an online portal, Please visit to view and submit requests.

This page contains an archive of requests submitted prior to January 13, 2017.

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ID Date Received Requester Name Requester Organization Description Estimated Effort University's Approximate Cost Fees Assessed Response Date(s) Closed # of Pages
170146 11/17/2016 Graff, Eli Individual "I would like to formally request a FOIA for any contracts from The University of North Carolina in relation to any Concessions OR food management company contracts pertaining to the University's Athletic venues that have occurred over the past 10 years. In summary I would like access to any money that has been spent by the University of North Carolina pertaining to Concessions OR Food Management with any of the University's athletic venues over the past 10 years." 1-10 Hours pending TBD pending pending pending
170145 11/15/2016 Huss, Rebekkah Individual "I’m writing to request access to and a copy of the most recent UNC-Chapel Hill Disciplinary Board Records." 1-10 Hours pending TBD pending pending pending
170144 11/15/2016 Huss, Rebekkah Individual "I’m writing to request access to and a copy of UNC-Chapel Hill’s most recent health statistics (treatment of rape victims, STDs, HIV.)" 1-10 Hours pending TBD pending pending pending
170143 11/14/2016 Harker, Jennifer Individual "I would like to respectfully request the email addresses of all full-time faculty members [both tenured and not tenured] across all programs and all departments employed by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I do not need any adjunct nor part-time faculty, just assistant, associate, and full professors, please." 1-10 Hours pending TBD pending pending pending
170142 11/14/2016 Waldron, Justin Individual "I am requesting the grade distributions by letter grade for every class and instructor for the past ten years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Please ensure the documents are FERPA compliant. I request that the information is in CSV format, and in digital format. Preferably in the form: Course Reference Number, Course Subject, Course Number, Course Title, Course Section, Term/Semester, Primary Instructor, A, B, C, D, F, W, Average Grade in GPA." 10-50 Hours pending TBD pending pending pending
170141 11/11/2016 Halpern, Adrian Individual "Kindly provide me a copy of the Ackland Art Museum’s 2015 and 2016 annual reports." 1-10 Hours pending TBD pending pending pending
170140 11/11/2016 Szuberla, Nick Individual [Note on 11/14/2016 Requester finalized request to read] ". . ., though we are specifically interested in the previously cited email chain, please give us all emails sent from the email account [email address] from 11/09/2016 to 11/13/2016." 1-10 Hours pending $0 12/21/2016 12/21/2016 280
170139 11/10/2016 Chesser, Paul The Chesser Files "I request that you provide a copy of UNC's confidentiality agreement with the ACC, as referenced in that statement." [Note: Requester references records provided in response to request #170101.] 1-10 Hours pending $0 11/18/2016 11/18/2016 1
170138 11/10/2016 Volker, William Individual "Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S.§132-1., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records pertaining to Internal Revenue Code Section 179D Special Rule for Government-Owned Buildings and allocations made thereunder. Specifically, please provide any and all emails and attachments received by UNC-Chapel Hill staff email addresses referencing '179D' in the body or subject and/or received from the following sender's domain: [Note: On 11/10/2016 Requester further wrote] "You may limit the search to the last 6 years (2010-2016). I also believe that the majority of activity would be in the last 12-48 months, and it is possible that there may have not been any communications on the subject of 179D or from the sender in question. Regarding departments - it would most likely have been to your administration, capital projects, project managers, facilities management, energy or utilities staff." More Than 50 Hours pending TBD pending pending pending
170137 11/08/2016 Salinas, Sara The Daily Tar Heel "I'd like to request all documents pertaining to a report of hazing within the [identifying information] in September 2012. I imagine this would include the initial report of hazing, which I believe to have been made on or around 9/18/2012, documents pertaining to the investigation of that report, and any documents of conclusions and outcomes following the conclusion of the investigation." 1-10 Hours pending $0 11/08/2016 11/08/2016 33