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This page contains an archive of requests submitted prior to January 13, 2017.

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ID Date Received Requester Name Requester Organization Description Estimated Effort University's Approximate Cost Fees Assessed Response Date(s) Closed # of Pages
150009 07/11/2014 Greenberg, Martin Law Office of Martin J. Greenberg, LLC "I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records that include a copy of the contracts of the following employees of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: [5 employee full names and titles]" 1-10 Hours $72 $0 07/14/2014
07/23/2014 50
150008 07/08/2014 Sosnay, Daniel Prepwise "The application profiles of candidates accepted, rejected and waitlisted applying for admittance in the UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate classes of 2017 and 2018, including the following applicant information: - Gender; - High school name; - GPA; - SAT and/or ACT scores; - Class rank (if disclosed) and number of students in the candidate's class (if disclosed); - AP exams taken with score(s) (if any); - SAT II exams taken with score(s); - Applicant status (e.g., accepted, rejected, waitlisted, matriculating)." 10-50 Hours $62 $0 07/16/2014 07/16/2014 1
150007 07/07/2014 Bell, Mary WRAL-TV News "Is it possible for us to get a copy of the letter that UNC [employee title and full name] sent to [former student full name]." 1-10 Hours $18 $0 07/15/2014 07/15/2014 5
150006 07/07/2014 Rowles, Derek WTVD / ABC 11 News "I see a letter went out to [former student full name] (i.e. his ESPN/Sirius interviews) .. from [employee title and full name]. Can I get a copy of that letter?" 1-10 Hours $15 $0 07/15/2014 07/15/2014 5
150005 07/03/2014 Anonymous Individual "All public personnel file documents for [former employee full name]." 1-10 Hours $24 $0 07/07/2014 07/07/2014 3
150004 07/02/2014 Berkowitz, Steve USA Today "Pursuant to the applicable open-records law(s), I am requesting copies of the following: 1.The current contracts for the [employee title] and the nine full-time [employee titles] reasonably expected to be employed in fall 2014, including but not limited to: § Amendments or addenda; § Documents, drafts or e-mail related to, or reflecting, intended compensation or known COLA raises not included in the contract; and § Documents reflecting current or intended compensation or benefits to any of the coaches from a third party. *If the [employee title] (or any [employee title]) is not covered by a contract, please provide the applicable letter of understanding or other document that outlines his compensation. *If the [employee title] (or any [employee title]) is employed on an at-will basis, please provide a list of each coach's base salary and a copy of any document listing bonuses for which the coach is eligible, including criteria for the bonuses and the amounts that would be paid; 2. The most recent Athletically Related Income statement (as described in NCAA Bylaw 11.2.2) for the [employee title] and the nine [employee titles] described above. This is also known as the Outside Income Report filled out by all athletic department personnel; and 3. The current contract and Athletically Related Income statement for the [employee title]." [Note: on 07/16/2014 Requester wrote:] "include a list of the current base salaries for the [employee title], the [employee title] and the [employee titles], as some of those agreements are ongoing but well beyond their initial base-salary periods" 10-50 Hours $327 $0 07/14/2014
02/13/2015 134
150003 07/02/2014 Coons, Carolyn The Daily Tar Heel "I would like to request all records related to faculty-employee instances of sexual assault or misconduct for the past five years. These records should include University policies regarding employee-student sexual assault or misconduct as well as the number of reports of employees accused of sexually assaulting, harassing or other forms of misconduct against students each year for the past five years." 1-10 Hours $37 $0 07/11/2014 07/11/2014 1
150002 07/02/2014 Albright, Amanda The Daily Tar Heel "I would like to request all emails sent by or received by UNC employee [employee full name] that include the phrases '[former employee full name, former employee last name or former employee first name].' I would also like to request all email correspondence between [employee last name] and [former employee last name]. I would also like to request all email correspondence between [employee last name] and UNC employee [employee full name], beginning Jan. 1 and ending May 1." More Than 50 Hours pending $0 11/24/2015
11/02/2016 21,793
150001 07/02/2014 Sabin, Samantha The Daily Tar Heel "In accordance to the North Carolina Public Records Law (G.S. §§ 132-1 through 132-10), I hereby request the salaries of the Carolina Dining Services' employees from May 2013 to May 2014." 1-10 Hours $87 $0 07/10/2014 07/10/2014 2
#REF! 06/30/2015 Smith, David Individual "Pursuant to applicable FOIA and NC Public Records requests, I'm requesting a list of all employees who have left employment at the UNC School of Government since 7/1/2014 and any emails between Deans and Department Managers with regards to employee departures, resignations, and turnover. This includes any and all information [which may be redacted to retain employee privacy] collected and gathered in exit interviews." 10-50 Hours pending TBD 11/05/2015 pending pending