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Young, Alison

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USA Today


"Please consider this a formal request to the Sheps Center for access to certain fields of hospital inpatient data maintained by the department under contract with the North Carolina Division of Health Services Regulation. . . . USA TODAY is seeking an electronic copy of certain releasable fields of North Carolina hospital inpatient discharge data for 2012, 2011 and 2010. . . . We are also seeking a copy of the database layout and any other related documentation that describes the database, the fields it contains, any definitions and related codes that may be needed to interpret the data. . . . USA TODAY is seeking the following fields of information: - Admitdx (admitting diagnosis) - Agem (age in months) - Agey (age in years) - Dayscov (days covered/length of stay) - diag1 (first listed diagnosis code) - diag2-diag25 (other diagnosis codes) - erflag (patient admitted through ED) - ethnicity - fac (hospital identification number) - fyear (fiscal year) - hcfadrg (CMS Diagnosis Related GRoups) - hcfamdc (CMS Major Diagnostic Categories) - orflag (indication of operating use during stay) - poa1 (present on admission indicator relating to diagnostic numbers) - Poa2-25 (other present on admission indicators) - proccd1 (first listed procedure code) - proccd2-20 (other listed procedure codes) - procdy1 (days form admit to proccd1) - procdy2-20 (days from admit to other procedures) - race - revchg1 (routine charges) - revchg2-10 (other charges by types) - servline (service line) - sex - source (point of origin, related to admission source) - status (patient disposition code) - totchg (total charges, actual submitted value) - type (admit type)" [Note: on 07/28/2014 Requester wrote:] "I was not making my request to the University under the state's public records act."

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10-50 Hours

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