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Berkowitz, Steve

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USA Today


"Pursuant to the applicable open-records law(s), I am requesting copies of the following: 1.The current contracts for the [employee title] and the nine full-time [employee titles] reasonably expected to be employed in fall 2014, including but not limited to: § Amendments or addenda; § Documents, drafts or e-mail related to, or reflecting, intended compensation or known COLA raises not included in the contract; and § Documents reflecting current or intended compensation or benefits to any of the coaches from a third party. *If the [employee title] (or any [employee title]) is not covered by a contract, please provide the applicable letter of understanding or other document that outlines his compensation. *If the [employee title] (or any [employee title]) is employed on an at-will basis, please provide a list of each coach's base salary and a copy of any document listing bonuses for which the coach is eligible, including criteria for the bonuses and the amounts that would be paid; 2. The most recent Athletically Related Income statement (as described in NCAA Bylaw 11.2.2) for the [employee title] and the nine [employee titles] described above. This is also known as the Outside Income Report filled out by all athletic department personnel; and 3. The current contract and Athletically Related Income statement for the [employee title]." [Note: on 07/16/2014 Requester wrote:] "include a list of the current base salaries for the [employee title], the [employee title] and the [employee titles], as some of those agreements are ongoing but well beyond their initial base-salary periods"

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10-50 Hours

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